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The Roll-Up - 2 in 1 Dice Storage & Rolling Mat

The Roll-Up - 2 in 1 Dice Storage & Rolling Mat

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Up your roll game with the Roll-Up.

Secure and stylish storage

Say goodbye to clunky dice boxes that open on their own in your bag and spill your dice everywhere. With its secure zippered storage section, you can carry up to 14 polyhedral dice securely and elegantly.

There's even space for your pencils as well!

Smooth roll-stopping surface

The interior of the Roll-Up is made of an 11.61 in x 14.17in (29.5 cm x 36 cm) smooth, soft material that reduces dice bounce, allowing you to limit where they go.

No more getting on the floor to see which number it landed on, no more dice knocking your miniatures off of their grid placement. After grabbing one of these, you'll wonder why you were putting up with all of that for so long.

Easy to carry

When rolled up, the Roll-Up measures only 11.8in x 1.77 in, making it fit very easily in pretty much any bag. Perfect for travel!

Gorgeous leather finish

The Roll-Up is made with PU leather, giving it that beautiful finish that we all know and love.

Strong, high-quality build

With its quality stitches, the strong leather material and the solid metal snap buttons, the Roll-Up feels undeniably sturdy.

No more dice flying off!

The Roll-Up is made with a special fabric that reduces the bounce of your dice.

No more getting on the floor to figure out what you rolled on that absolute hail mary of a Bluff check.

It even reduces the noise of your roll!

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  • 30-day Money Back Guarantee

    We're so confident that you will love your Roll-Up that if you are not completely satisfied with it in your first 30 days, we will refund your money.

Don't just take our word for it.

See why the Roll-Up is the perfect addition to your arsenal directly from our customers!

  • "I got this and two others for my wife and son. We all love them and find them to fit our needs. [...] they look like scrolls and are fun!"

    James T.

  • "This was exactly what I have been looking for as a great surface to roll dice on. Always losing them off my table and this solved the issue. [...] it is a very giftable product for any gamer.

    Lara P.

  • "I got the black one for my son. He absolutely loves it! So handy to carry dice, pens, a mini, etc. It rolls out to give you a safe surface to roll dice on, especially useful if you have metal dice."


  • "This dice holder is really nice. It has room for at least 2-3 sets of dice."

    J. Garnett